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For more information speak to the distributor who recruited you. Alternatively click below to chat with one of our friendly consultants via WhatsApp message. Remember to have the details of the distributor who recruited you.

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For as little as

R 470.00
You Get:

11 Products:
5 Vitamin E Tissue Oils
• 3 Purifying Soap and
• 3 Skin Restore Soap

Become a qualified member of Umgalelo.
Gain access to your own personal Backoffice.
Get up-to 50% discount when buying products.
Refer and earn up to 6 incentives as you progress in ranks.
Compete and unlock exciting rewards: incentives, flights, accommodations, cruises, and more.

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Your account enables purchasing unit products at retail price and grants access to your free personal Backoffice.


Choose a Starter Kit and Upgrade your account.

Make a secure and easy online payment via our payment gateway, PayFast. Alternatively, EFT payment is available. T&Cs apply.


Qualify for discounts of up to 50%.

Become a member and enjoy full benefits as per the Umgalelo Compensation Plan. Qualify for monthly compensation, incentives, and bonuses. T&Cs apply.

Starter Kits

Basic Activation Kit

Get onboard, start with this affordable Starter Kit. Quick and easy to sell.


11 Products (no Fast-Start Bonus):

5 Vitamin E Tissue Oils | 3 Purifying Soap | 3 Skin Restore Soap.

Regular Activation Kit

Start with a the most popular combo. This combo is sure to move fast.

R1 030

20 Products (with Fast-Start Bonus):

10 Vitamin E Tissue Oils | 5 Purifying Soap | 5 Skin Restore Soap.

Super Starter Kit

Access an assortment of products. Best value for people who want to start big.

R2 500

70 Products (with Fast-Start Bonus):

10 Vitamin E Tissue Oils | 10 Purifying Soap |10 Skin Restore Soap | 6 Toothpaste | 5 Vitamin E Lotion | 3 Day Cream | 3 Night Cream

Receive a R1000 Fast-Start Bonus by referring two new people within your first two weeks of joining the business. To be eligible for the bonus, both you and your referrals must join with qualifying kits.

Compensation Plan

How to Earn

One of the greatest advantages of becoming an Umgalelo Products distributor is that, you make profit from day one. Well! Because we do not spend lots of money on fancy marketing material, TV ads etc. We rather "PAY BACK THE MONEY" to you. This is one of the reasons why we can afford to pay these monies to our Independent Business Associates.


Need to earn income right away?


Need to earn income right-away?

Network Marketer

Been looking for a stable and reliable MLM?


Work from home.

It's not a traditional 9 to 5 job.

You have the flexibility to work even from bed. You can choose the number of hours you want to work.

Sell and recruit online.

- Manage inventory - Refer others to sign up - Generate sales by promoting your unique referral link.

All you need is a cellphone or computer with internet access.

Sell and recruit offline.

Connect with individuals on a personal level through direct selling and traditional recruitment methods.

Sell to friends, family, and neighbors. Engage with your team to sell at shopping malls and train stations. Make money wherever you go. 

Why Join Umgalelo

We understand that people need for the best quality products.


Our distributors testify of the exceptional quality and outstanding results of our products. With their unwavering support, our products have gained widespread acclaim, and customers also consistently attest to their effectiveness. Through rigorous research and development, we ensure top-notch quality that exceeds expectations. After all, it is easier to sell something that you trust and use yourself.

We recognize people need additional financial resources to improve their quality of life.


Umgalelo Products has the most lucrative (Product Base) Compensation Plan available. Our comprehensive plan includes enticing features such as Level Base Commission, Retail Profit, Leadership Bonuses, Team-Based Commissions, Promotion Bonuses, Monthly Incentives, and moreWe pay 100% of all verified commissions monthly, regardless of the amount. No commission is too small or too big for us to pay.

We know people need to have fun, relax and enjoy life.


Umgalelo Products is proud to deliver on its promises and has rewarded the dedication and success of its distributors. Through the unique and dynamic compensation plan, distributors have had the opportunity to travel to incredible destinations, including the MSC cruise to the Portuguese Island, a trip to Mauritius, and a journey to Dubai. Many distributors have shared their personal success stories, such as experiencing their first flights, staying in hotels, and even building their own homes or purchasing their first cars through the income they have generated with Umgalelo Products. We have even given away cars as a matter of fact. People with only two month in the business have qualified for these incentives in the past.